Hash20 is designed in such a way to open door of DeFi for everyone; making the decentralized financial world accessible for all; through a multi chain yield processing Hash: Hash20.
The core idea behind the structure of this project, is to provide Hashers (The community of investors who invests through Hash20) the ease of investing in liquidity pools; without having to go through the hustle of wasting time and money in finding the right liquidity pool. Thus creating a safe and reliable atmosphere for novice investors; regardless of the hostilities in the DeFi space. Hash20 offers a judicious initiative, that operate through a set of algorithms that automatically diversify investments in reliable protocols.
In a nutshell, the benefits gained through Hash 2O are: Diversification of the portfolio, minimized risk, lower fee, life-time reward generation, NFT staking, lesser hustle and bustle, and lastly, eradication of unlimited time spent on research.
Last modified 1yr ago